Call to Action

Call your legislators NOW

DHHS has put forth rate changes to the following services:
Targeted Case Management (Section 13)
Community Integration (Section 17)
Medication Management PA/NP (Section 65)
Children’s Home and Community Treatment (Section 65)
Children’s Behavioral Health Day Treatment (Section 65)

Community Integration (CI Section 17) services received a 23% rate reduction.

This information is scary and upsetting, and we at Shalom are revving up to fight back. We are working with others to get the word out to as many people as possible that we all need to be calling our State Legislators NOW.

1. Call your legislators NOW (If you legislator says they are not on the Health and Human Services Committee tell them you still need them to get involved to stop these rates and one thing they can do immediately is let the HHS committee know they do not support these rates and want a public hearing)
2. Ask them to postpone the implementation of these rates
3. Ask them to pressure leadership to have a hearing on these rates
4. Be at the State House on Feb. 9th at 1 p.m. to show the Health and Human Services Committee how concerned we are about these rates- numbers matter so we need as many people there as possible. We will provide more information as date gets closer.

A rate study for the majority of community mental health services has been released after a year of study/input from agencies.
Although hundreds of comments were received about the study not having a good methodology, or reflecting the “realities” on the ground, they proceeded with the same conclusions as were presented last spring with very few exceptions. They are not using what it truly costs providers to run these services in these rates.
If these rates are “final” many agencies will stop providing services like medication management, case management, community integration and others.
That means people will go without services, reach a crisis and end up in hospitals or jails which are more expensive than keeping the current rates. It will also mean lay off of hundreds of good jobs, with benefits in the behavioral health sector.
Most rate gave been flat or cut in the last 10 years. During that same time period the Consumer Price Index has gone up 21%. In other words this has already resulted in the rates being cut.
The Legislature must intervene.


If you need help finding your legislator these links will help you.…/find-your-state-senator/9392