Shalom House owns and operates a number of properties in Cumberland and York Counties. All properties are located in Portland unless otherwise noted.

Residential Treatment

Group Living (PNMI*)
  • Auburn House, Portland
  • Blanchard House, Portland
  • Gilman House, Portland
  • North Street, Saco
  • Park Street, Portland
  • Read Street, Portland
  • Seth Jordan House, Portland
  • Wilson Street, South Portland
  • Woodford Street, Portland

Supported Apartments

  • Center Street, Biddeford
  • Congress Street West, Portland
  • School Street, Saco

 Supported Housing

  • Adams Street, Biddeford
  • Brackett Street, Portland
  • Brannigan House, Portland
  • Congress Street East, Portland
  • Mellen Street, Portland
  • Spring Street, Portland
  • Vaughan Street, Portland

Independent Living

Independent Apartments
  • Church Street, Westbrook
  • Croquet Lane, Portland
  • Danforth Street, Portland
  • Main Street, Westbrook
  • Parris Street, Portland
  • Shalom Apartments, Portland
  • Stevens Avenue, Portland
  • Valley Apartments, Portland